Our Story

One Sunday afternoon, over a glass of Rose, we were discussing that we thought fashion for women 35+ had become a little bit ‘sea-of-sameness’ and it was time to bring colour, energy and something different to this group of women. We’ve loved colour and having a bit of fun with fashion for a long time and thought, ‘why not create a place where women can come to do just that?’

After after alot of research and speaking to alot of real women, we knew there was a real opportunity in the market for something like this, and that we were onto something. We are passionate about bringing style and colour together and we wanted to create a place where women could come and be inspired to put colour  into their everyday lives – but not spend a fortune doing it!

We truly believe you don’t have to have a lot, or spend alot of money to look and feel stylish. It’s all about being confident and having some fun.

And so, The Style Cantina was born and since that moment our hearts and souls have gone into it.

The Style Cantina is an online destination for women to discover fun, colourful fashion and style inspiration – an oasis of gorgeous things found by us, just for you.

With a mix of exclusive designs that we’ve created, to a curation of gorgeous things we’ve found, it’s a place where you can spend a little, and feel a lot.

We truly believe that style is for women of all ages. Style is about feeling good about yourself, at any age, any shape and any size, and always having a bit of fun and courage with it. Colour looks great on any woman and we will show you how. As we put this business together, our tribes told us that they love fashion but don’t always have the tools or ‘know-how’ to bring it all together. So The Style Cantina will create and curate looks for you.

We want to build a community that is all about real women – women sharing their individual styles and feeling great about what they wear. #styleatanyage

So, welcome to our Tribe.

Welcome to The Style Cantina.

Mish & Dan xox


Mish & Dan

Mish (Michelle) and Dan (Danika) – we are self-confessed lovers of the cactus, the occasional glass of French Rose, a serious pop of colour and clothes and accessories that make women feel incredible, feminine, yet gutsy all in one.

We proudly sit in the “40 & Fabulous” tribe, and we’ve discovered that life and career and passions should all complement one another. Finally we understand the meme that we once read on Dan’s Instagram feed “Do what you love, love what you do”. We live and work and breathe by this every day.

For a long time, we both enjoyed successful and high-energy corporate careers. We have both been so fortunate having worked in media, marketing, events and digital media over the last twenty years. But then we met and we had a light bulb moment – we fell in love with the idea of following our passion, starting our own business, creating a brand that women could fall in love with, tapping into our creative intuition, being our own boss and building an online destination where women could discover beautiful fashion and style.

Then along came The Style Cantina and we have not looked back since.

We are friends and business partners.

We love tribes – our own (family), friends, like-minded women and men! Having been in the start-up community for the last twelve months, we have become passionate about communities that rally together and collaborate together.

We share a love of ‘gorgeous things’ and we believe that women don’t need to spend a lot, to feel a lot.

We are committed to bringing our tribe seriously gorgeous and unique clothes and accessories that will break your heart, not your wallet.